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Case Studies

Until tremor was open sourced in February 2020, it was an internal project designed for the needs of Wayfair's 24x7x365 infrastructure platform services teams by a small group of developers based in Berlin and a large community of SREs and infrastructure service providers based in Boston.

Wayfair: Founding adopter

Wayfair has many tremor-based systems serving a wide variety of use cases. We have documented the primary use cases with our partners in the Wayfair Technology Organization.

Without the Infrastructure group, the Platform Engineering organization, the Developer Platforms team and the wider Wayfair Technology organization tremor wouldn't have been developed.

These use cases are battle hardened and they would be good uses for tremor in your environment today.


Call for Papers

We are now collecting and publishing adoption, collaboration and other tremor adoption use cases from the wider tremor community. If you have an interesting application of tremor in your systems and you think the techniques are useful to the wider community, we would love to publish your experiences here for the wider benefit of the community.