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Quick Developer Install

Supported Platforms#

Select the operating system your are developing on.

TypeIs Supported?
IDE SupportYes. Macvim or Visual Studio Code
TypeIs Supported?
IDE SupportYes. Vim ( out of the box ) or Visual Studio Code
TypeIs Supported?
IDE SupportYes
ProductionAccepting contributions

Setup an IDE / editor#

Follow the instructions in the tremor-vim Git repository; ensure your `.vimrc` is updated, and that you have the vim ALE asynchronous lint engine.
cd $HOME/.vim/bundle git clone
Follow the instructions in the tremor-vscode Git repository.
We are accepting contributions to support other IDEs.

Set Up the Tremor Language Server#

Clone the tremor-langauge-server Git repository; build and install the server, and place the binary on your path.

cd $HOME/gitgit clone tremor-language-servercargo build --releaseexport PATH=`pwd`/target/release/tremor-language-server:$PATH

Setup the tremor runtime#

cd $HOME/gitgit clone tremor-runtimecargo build --release --all # go get a nice cup of tea

For more details on building Tremor, please refer to the Tremor development docs.