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All the application code here is available from the docs git repository.

This example shows how to configure the tremor AMQP connector with upstream and downstream RabbitMQ based systems.

The scenario isn't all-encompassing but looks at the following specific use-case:

  1. A tremor instance publishing to RabbitMQ via an AMQP connector
  2. A tremor instance consuming from RabbitMQ via an AMQP connector
  3. A RabbitMQ exchange

We can start the example using docker-compose up.


There are two tremor instances in the docker setup - one publisher that publishes to RabbitMQ, and one conwsumer that receives events from RabbitMQ. RabbitMQ was setup with its own virtual host, exchange and queue for the demo and this configuration is injected into RabbitMQ when docker-compose is run.