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Kafka delivery guarantees

This example goes into how tremors delivery guarantees work in combination with a sink and source that also support delivery guarantees.

The scenario isn't all-encompassing but looks at the following specific use-case:

  1. A tremor source that does not hold delivery guarantees.
  2. A WAL to persist data from the source
  3. A Kafka API compatible instance where data is sent to
  4. A secondary tremor instance with a Kafka API compatible source that reads the data and prints it to stdout

With this we can demonstrate the recovery and delivery guarantees using a WAL and a Kafka API compatible set of endpoints.

We can start the example using docker-compose up. Then with docker ps we find the Kafka instance and can introduce an artificial error using docker pause <container>. We will see the messages stopping if we wait for a while we can reenable kafka with docker unpause <container> and will see the message flow resuming with a number of duplicated but no lost messages.

Kafka compatible products for this scenario

Apache or Confluent Kafka Vectorized Redpanda