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Quick Developer Install

Notes about tremor installation for developers.

Supported Platforms

Select the operating system your are developing on.

TypeIs Supported?
IDE SupportYes. Macvim or Visual Studio Code
TypeIs Supported?
IDE SupportYes. Vim ( out of the box ) or Visual Studio Code
TypeIs Supported?
IDE SupportYes
ProductionAccepting contributions

Setup an IDE / editor

Follow the instructions in the tremor-vim git repository, and ensure your `.vimrc` is updated and that you have the vim ALE asynchronous lint engine.
  cd $HOME/.vim/bundle
  git clone

Follow the instructions in the tremor-vscode git repository.
We are accepting contributions to support other IDEs.

Setup the tremor language server

Clone the tremor-langauge-server git repository, build and install the server and place the binary on your path.

cd $HOME/git
git clone
cd tremor-language-server
cargo build --release
export PATH=`pwd`/target/release/tremor-language-server:$PATH

Setup the tremor runtime

cd $HOME/git
git clone
cd tremor-runtime
cargo build --release --all # go get a nice cup of tea

For more details on building tremor, please refer to the tremor development docs.