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Starting Tremor for the first time

Set up your first tremor installation.


While there are many ways to install Tremor, be it as a package or compiling it form source this quickstart guide will use a Docker image to make it as painless as possible to get a first instance of tremor running.

With that a running version of Docker on a system with an internet connection is required.

Get Tremor

The simplest way to get tremor is downloading the Docker Image. You can grab the latest version of Tremor by typing:

docker pull tremorproject/tremor:latest

Configuring Tremor

If you just want to see tremor start, you can skip this step, but lets be real, you probably want to make tremor do something more interesting then printing a few numbers on the screen.

The tremor Docker image is configured by mounting a configuration folder to /etc/tremor

The structure is as follows:

  - logger.yaml
  ` config
    ` *.yaml
    ` *.trickle
  • logger.yaml A log4rs configuration file.
  • config/*.trickle One or more trickle files loaded in lexigraphical order to provide pipelines.
  • config/*.yaml One or more YAML files with configurations for Onramps, Offramps and Bindings and Mappings.

For details on the files please consult the documentation.


Once downloaded and configured starting the tremor docker image can be done with

docker run -v host/path/to/etc/tremor:/etc/tremor tremor-runtime

Usecase examples

We have use case examples that come with a full set of configuration files and a docker-compose.yaml to get a whole use case set up with a single command you can look at the following cases: