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Version: edge


Glob is an extractor that checks if the input string matches the specified Unix shell-style pattern. The extractor fails if an pattern is specified that is not valid or the string doesn't match the pattern.


When used as a predicate with ~, the predicate will pass if the input matches the glob pattern passed as the parameter to the extractor.


The extractor returns true if the predicate passes else returns an error


Patterns can be of the following types:

?Single character
*any (0 or more) sequence or characters
[…]any character inside the bracket. Supports ranges (e,g. [0-9] will match any digit)
[!…]negation of […]

Meta characters (e..g *, ? ) can be matched by using [ ]. (e.g. [ * ] will match a string that contains *).

match { "test" : "INFO" } of
case foo = %{ test ~= glob|INFO*| } => foo
default => "ko"
## will output true