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An early-stage event processing system for unstructured data with rich support for structural pattern-matching, filtering and transformation.

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Connecting different systems is an integral part of Tremor. Tremor connects to the external systems using connectors.


Tooling is a first class concern for Tremor. From the very beginning, effort went into making errors and warnings informative, and not leaving users with stack traces, or cryptic output; developer and operator friendliness good user experience are front and centre.



Operators specialise Tremor pipelines, thus allowing for highly custom behaviour.


Tremor's application logic is scriptable. Tremor supports data processing through a directed acyclic graph-based pipeline or workflow. Pipelines can be configured via a YAML syntax or via a structured query language. Both the query and scripting language are evolving as Tremor is applied to broader production use cases.

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Tremor connects to the external systems using connectors either Onramps or Offramps which use Codecs to transform the external wire form of connected system participants into a structured internal value type Tremor understands semantically.



Quick developer install, via code, as docker image or OS packages.