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Version: 0.12

IDE Integration and tooling

Tremor is configured using its own configuration language called Troy, which actually enables us to give you valueable feedback while writing your code with our Tremor language server.


Tremor Language Server

With the Tremor language server, Tremor comes with advanced support for editing Tremor configuration files in both Visual Studio Code and VIM and every other editor or IDE that has LSP support.


To install the Tremor language server all you need is Rust to be set up on your system. Please use or any other way you prefer.

cargo install tremor-language-server

This will download and compile the tremor-language-server binary and put it on your path. It will usually be put into $HOME/.cargo/bin/tremor-language-server.

IDE / Editor Integration

The VS Code extension is available on the Visual Studio Marketplace.

The VIM plugin can be installed from GitHub.

Local testing

The tremor binary contains testing tools for testing your Tremor flows and pipelines before they actually go to production. Check out the capabilities of our cli for testing your Troy code.