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Version: 0.12

Getting Started

Welcome to Tremor!

Allow us to guide you towards a working Tremor installation that should allow you to try tremor on your own and to dive deeper more involved topics.

At first we need to get tremor installed somehow.

Install Tremor

To install tremor grab a the latest package from our releases, you can find an rpm, deb as well as a tar-ball there.

Install the right package for your operatoring system. For more detailed information you can look at the installation section.


Tremor needs to be told where to get events from, how to handle them and where to send them to. This is done by passing it a Troy configuration file that describes our event processing logic we wish to deploy to our tremor instance.

The easiest way to get started is running tremor new <project>, for the sake of this we'll call our project getstarted

❯ tremor new getstarted
Creating new tremor project: `getstarted`......done.

To run:
TREMOR_PATH="${TREMOR_PATH}:${PWD}/getstarted" tremor run getstarted/main.troy

Tremor will create the getstarted folder a main.troy in there and a lib folder for modular defintions.

You can look at the files to see what's going on but for now we'll just run it.

Running Tremor

tremor new already gave us a hint how to run our project so lets do it:

TREMOR_PATH="${TREMOR_PATH}:${PWD}/getstarted" tremor run getstarted/main.troy

This will load the main troy and also tell tremor where to look for libraries to include. Remember there is a getstarted/lib folder.


TREMOR_PATH is an environment variable that tells tremor where to look for libraries, if you installed tremor via a package the standard library will automatically be put in a place where Tremor looks, if not you might have to define TREMOR_PATH yourself.

We are going to see a lot of logs in our terminal and when we type something, Tremor will actually echo it back at us:

2022-04-29T14:55:03.448253547+00:00 INFO tremor_runtime::connectors - [Connector::console] Connected.
2022-04-29T14:55:03.448275442+00:00 INFO tremor_runtime::system::flow - [Flow::main] Started.
Hello world
Hello world

Congratulations! You just successfully deployed your first Tremor event processing pipeline!

Now it is time to actually find out, what you just did and what else can be done with Tremor.

Where to go from here

The next best place to go from here is to our guides, especially The Basics Guide, this will teach you how to build applications with tremor and teach you the various concepts.

The Connectors Reference, along with the other reference material will help you see some of the build in functionality.