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Version: edge


This are our guides, they're meant to show some example use cases and provide a starting point for various experience levels.

GuideUse CaseConceptsTechnologies
BasicsLearn the fundamentalsflows, connectors, pipelines, scripts, select, module systemtremor
MetricsObservabilitycodecs, post-, preprocessors, operators, aggregation, windows, tremor metricsinflux, grafana, TDengine, http
Logging(coming soon)Observabilityquality of service, batching, contraflow, TBDelastic search
GD/CB(coming soon)Document storage(TBD)circuit breakers, guaranteed delivery, API, TBDkafka, gcs, s3
Open Telemetry (OTEL)(coming soon)Observabilityscript state, TBDotel, TBD