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Version: edge


A postprocessor for concatenating serialized input chunks into a buffer that is guaranteed to never exceed the configured max_bytes configuration, but tries to come as close to that as possible while not splitting apart given input chunks.

Input chunks are concatenated until concatenating another chunk would exceed the configured max_bytes, then the accumulated buffer is emitted as a single chunk and the new one is accumulated until max_bytes would be hit again.

If an input chunk exceeds max_bytes it is discarded with a warning.


OptionDescriptionRequiredDefault Value
max_bytesThe maximum number of bytes an output chunk should never exceed. Output chunks can and will have less number of bytes.yes


Ensure a maximum UDP packet size for the udp_client connector:

define connector my_udp_client from udp_client
codec = "json",
postprocessors = [
"name": "chunk",
"config": {
"max_bytes": 1432