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Hey folks, I am Nupur Agrawal, a third year student at Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. This blog describes my experience of contributing to Tremor, CNCF sandbox project in the 2021 spring chapter of LFX Mentorship Program, under the mentorship of Matthias Wahl, Anup Dhamala and Heinz Gies.

Project Abstract

Tremor is an event processing system originally designed for the needs of platform engineering and infrastructure. It is built for the users that have a high message volume to deal with and want to build pipelines to process, route, or limit this event stream.

At the beginning of the program, I was given walkthrough of the project by Matthias and he patiently explained me the components and working of tremor. Tremor is nicely documented and the docs can be very useful for referring many things.

My Project

My project's aim was to enable tremor to receive and send Syslog Protocol Messages, a standard protocol used to send system log or event messages. It was desired to support both the standard IETF format and the old BSD format via UDP and TCP/TLS. More detailed description can be found here.