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· 8 min read


Hey, I am Rohit Dandamudi from India, about to complete my undergrad in CSE and will be working as a Software Engineer soon. I will be sharing my expereince at Tremor :)

Main motivation for applying#

My work involved writing "Property-based tests for tremor-script" and some of the reasons for applying are:

  • It involved a new type of testing I never heard of
  • Be part of a sandbox project where I can learn and grow with the community
  • The concept of learning Erlang + Rust was very interesting to me and frankly out of my comfort zone, as a person used to Python and web development in general.

New concepts I learned specific to my work#

  • Erlang and Rust
    • My work mostly revolved around Erlang and a little Rust and I was completely new to this ecosystem, it didn't help to not find much resources or actively accessible community for Erlang.
    • I took this as a challenge and went through various resources to learn Erlang, functional programming in general and I was able to see why this Language was involved to do the task at hand, my mentor is very passionate about Erlang and shared his thought-process, experience which helped me broaden my knowledge and how to approach any concept while learning something completely new.

· 4 min read


Hey folks, I am Nupur Agrawal, a third year student at Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. This blog describes my experience of contributing to Tremor, CNCF sandbox project in the 2021 spring chapter of LFX Mentorship Program, under the mentorship of Matthias Wahl, Anup Dhamala and Heinz Gies.

Project Abstract#

Tremor is an event processing system originally designed for the needs of platform engineering and infrastructure. It is built for the users that have a high message volume to deal with and want to build pipelines to process, route, or limit this event stream.

At the beginning of the program, I was given walkthrough of the project by Matthias and he patiently explained me the components and working of tremor. Tremor is nicely documented and the docs can be very useful for referring many things.

My Project#

My project's aim was to enable tremor to receive and send Syslog Protocol Messages, a standard protocol used to send system log or event messages. It was desired to support both the standard IETF format and the old BSD format via UDP and TCP/TLS. More detailed description can be found here.

· 13 min read


Hello folks! I'm Jigyasa, a final-year computer science engineering student at Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women pursuing my bachelor's in Technology. This blog is about my experience contributing to Tremor as part of the LFX Mentorship program. i

Learning about Tremor#

Tremor is an event processing system for unstructured data with rich support for structural pattern matching, filtering, and transformation. It is built for users that have a high message volume to deal with and want to build pipelines to process, route, or limit this event stream. It has a scripting language called tremor-script and a query language as well called tremor-query or trickle.

I had never worked on an event processing system before this internship. In fact, my first major contribution to open-source was through this mentorship program. To get started with it, my mentor Darach Ennis, suggested me some documents that helped me learn more about it:



Apart from that, learning more about the tremor-query, tremor-script, and going through the workshops in the docs can be really helpful.

The codebase of Tremor is in Rust, and since I had no prior experience with Rust, I started learning the language.