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· 8 min read


Hey, I am Rohit Dandamudi from India, about to complete my undergrad in CSE and will be working as a Software Engineer soon. I will be sharing my expereince at Tremor :)

Main motivation for applying

My work involved writing "Property-based tests for tremor-script" and some of the reasons for applying are:

  • It involved a new type of testing I never heard of
  • Be part of a sandbox project where I can learn and grow with the community
  • The concept of learning Erlang + Rust was very interesting to me and frankly out of my comfort zone, as a person used to Python and web development in general.

New concepts I learned specific to my work

  • Erlang and Rust
    • My work mostly revolved around Erlang and a little Rust and I was completely new to this ecosystem, it didn't help to not find much resources or actively accessible community for Erlang.
    • I took this as a challenge and went through various resources to learn Erlang, functional programming in general and I was able to see why this Language was involved to do the task at hand, my mentor is very passionate about Erlang and shared his thought-process, experience which helped me broaden my knowledge and how to approach any concept while learning something completely new.