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Version: 0.12


The syslog codec supports marshalling the IETF and BSD syslog formats.

BSD Example

A syslog message following the BSD format as follows:

<13>Jan  5 15:33:03 74794bfb6795 root[8539]: i am foobar

The equivalent representation as a tremor value

"severity": "notice",
"facility": "user",
"hostname": "74794bfb6795",
"appname": "root",
"msg": "i am foobar",
"procid": 8539,
"msgid": null,
"protocol": "RFC3164",
"protocol_version": null,
"structured_data": null,
"timestamp": 1609860783000000000

IETF example

A syslog message following IETF standard as follows:

<165>1 2021-03-18T20:30:00.123Z evntslog - ID47 [exampleSDID@32473 iut=\"3\" eventSource=\"Application\" eventID=\"1011\"] BOMAn application event log entry..."

The equivalent representation as a tremor value.

"severity": "notice",
"facility": "local4",
"hostname": "",
"appname": "evntsog",
"msg": "BOMAn application event log entry...",
"procid": null,
"msgid": "ID47",
"protocol": "RFC5424",
"protocol_version": 1,
"structured_data": {
"exampleSDID@32473" :
{"iut": "3"},
{"eventSource": "Application"},
{"eventID": "1011"}
"timestamp": 1616099400123000000



Malformed syslog messages are treated per rfc3164 protocol semantics resulting in the entire string being dumped into the msg of the result record.