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Version: 0.12


The Dissect extractor is loosely based on logstash's dissect plugin. It extracts data from strings in form of key-value pairs based on the pattern specified. It supports patterns which makes it lightweight compared to other extractors such as grok or regex.

Tokens are enclosed within %{ } and any characters placed between tokens is considered as a delimiter. There should be at least one delimiter in between 2 tokens except if one of them is a padding token.


When used as a predicate test with ~, it passes if and only if the referent target matches the pattern exhaustively.


If the predicate passes, then a record of matched entries are returned where the keys are the fields specified in the pattern, and the values are the values extracted from the input string.


The pattern can contain any of the following types:

NameSyntaxDescriptionSample PatternInputOutputNotes
Simple%{ field }Given field is used as the key for the pattern extracted%{name}John"name" : "John"
Append% { + field }Appends the value to another field specified with the same field name.% {+name} %{+name}John Doe"name" : "John Doe"+ symbol on the first token is optional
Does not support types
Named keys%{& field}Returns key value pair of the field. Takes the key from the previously matched field.%{ code } % {&country}DE Germany"DE" : "Germany"Needs a field present earlier with the same name
Empty field% { field }Will return an empty value if no data is present%{ code } %{country}Germany"code" : "",
"country" : "Germany"
Skipped fields%{? field}Skips the extracted value%{ ? first_name} {last_name}John Doe"last_name" : "Doe"
Typed Values% { field : type}Extracts the value from the data and converts it to another type specified%{age : int}22"age" : 22Supported Types: int, float
Padding%{_} or %{_(chars)}Removes padding from the field in the output%{name} %{_} %{age}John 22"name" : "John", "age":"22"The field being extracted may not contain the padding.
A custom padding can be specified by using the %{_(custom)} notation

The operation can error in the following cases:

  • There is no delimiter between 2 tokens.
  • Skipped, Append or Named field with no name (e.g. %{?}).
  • A delimiter specified in the pattern is missing.
  • A named field is not found in the pattern.
  • the type specified is not valid.
  • Types used with the append token.
  • Pattern isn't completely parsed (at end of input).
  • Input isn't completely parsed.


match { "test": ""} of
case foo = %{test ~= dissect|%{protocol}://%{host}.%{.tld} | } => foo
default => "ko"

Will output:

"test": {
"protocol": "http",
"host": "example",
".tld": "com/"
match { "test": "2019-04-20------------------- high 3 foo bar" } of
case foo = %{test ~= dissect|%{date}%{_(-)} %{?priority} %{&priority} %{+snot} %{+snot}| } => foo
default => "ko"

Will output:

"test": {
"date": "2019-04-20",
"high": "3",
"snot": "foo bar"