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Version: 0.11


Lexical Preprocessor

In order to support the module mechanism with minimal changes to the API and runtime, a preprocessor loads all externally referenced modules used in tremor logic defined in tremor-script or tremor-query and loads them inline into a preprocessed file.

It is an error to attempt to deploy a tremor-script or tremor-query file that uses the module mechanism as source. The API only accepts non-modular files for backward compatibility or preprocessed files. The latter constraint is to ensure that logic deployed into the runtime is always traceable to source loaded by a user. Tremor explicitly avoids possibilities of modular logic changing at runtime.

The preprocessor defends this guarantee on behalf of our users.


The preprocessor has two directives

  1. The #!line directive
  2. The #!config directive

Line directive

This directive tells the preprocessor that it is now in a logically different position of the file.

For each folder/directory that an included source traverses a module statement is injected into the consolidated source.

The #!line directive is a implementation detail mentioned here for the same of completeness and not meant to be used or relied on by end users. It may, without prior warning, be removed in the future.

Config directive

This directive allows compile-time configuration parameters to be passed into tremor

Example preprocessed tremor-script

#!line 0 0 0 1 ./foo/bar/snot.trickle
mod snot with
#!line 0 0 0 1 ./foo/bar/snot.trickle
define tumbling window second with
interval = 1000
#!line 19 1 0 0 main.trickle
#!line 0 0 0 2 ./foo/baz/badger.trickle
mod badger with
#!line 0 0 0 2 ./foo/baz/badger.trickle
define tumbling window minute with
interval = 60000
#!line 41 1 0 0 main.trickle

select event
from in[snot::second, badger::minute]
into out;