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Version: 0.11

Periodic Synthetic Metrics Events

Periodically, produce basic statistics and percentiles / quartiles from a stream of ingested events, for a particular value in the inbound event stream.

# Every 10 seconds
create tumbling window `10secs`
interval = datetime::with_seconds(10),

# Aggregate events producing statistics into a temporary stream
select {
"measurement": event.measurement,
"tags": patch event.tags of insert "window" => "10s" end,
"stats": aggr::stats::hdr(event.fields[group[2]], [ "0.42", "0.5", "0.9", "0.99", "0.999" ]),
"class": group[2]
from in[`10secs`]
group by set(event.measurement, event.tags, each(record::keys(event.fields)))
into normalize
having event.stats.count > 100; # discard if not enough sample data for group

# create a temporary stream to normalize results
create stream normalize;

# normalize output record to match requirements downstream ( influx )
select {
"measurement": event.measurement,
"tags": event.tags,
"fields": {
"count_#{event.class}": event.stats.count,
"min_#{event.class}": event.stats.min,
"max_#{event.class}": event.stats.max,
"mean_#{event.class}": event.stats.mean,
"stdev_#{event.class}": event.stats.stdev,
"var_#{event.class}": event.stats.var,
"p42_#{event.class}": event.stats.percentiles["0.42"],
"p50_#{event.class}": event.stats.percentiles["0.5"],
"p90_#{event.class}": event.stats.percentiles["0.9"],
"p99_#{event.class}": event.stats.percentiles["0.99"],
"p99.9_#{event.class}": event.stats.percentiles["0.999"]
from normalize
into out;