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Version: 0.11


The datetime extractor parses the input into a timestamp. The format of the target needs to be specified as a parameter to the extractor.


When used with ~, the predicate parses if the target can be parsed to a nanosecond-precision timestamp. The predicate will fail if it encounters any of the errors described in the Error section below.


If the predicate parses, the extractor returns the 64-bit nanosecond-precise UTC UNIX timestamp.


match { "test" : "2019-01-01 09:42" } of
case foo = %{ test ~= datetime|%Y-%m-%d %H:%M| } => foo.test
default => "ko"
## output: 1546335720000000000


The extractor will fail due to one of the following:

  • Incorrect input is passed
  • Input doesn't match the format passed
  • Input doesn't contain the Year, Month, Day, Hour & Minute section irrespective of the format passed.
  • Input contains more components than the format passed