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Version: 0.12

The cb Connector


This connector is not intended for production use, but for testing the Tremor runtime itself. To enable it pass --debug-connectors to tremor.

The cb connector is for testing circuit breaker internals.

The connector expects a circuit breaker event for each event propagated and then, the latest after a configurable timeout has been exceeded, it halts or exits the tremor process and reports on the validation result via stdout.

Most of the time it is used to test the behaviour of the whole runtime when it comes to the circuit breaker and guaranteed delivery (ack/fail) mechanisms. To that end use the connector as source and sink of events by connecting your tremor pipeline application with the in and out port of this connector. It can also be used to test the behaviour of connectors acting as event sinks, checking if they handle all events correctly, in this case connect the in port of the connector to test against to the out port of the cb connector via a pipeline of your choice.


  • in: This Connector is expecting events that trigger certain Circuit Breaker and/or Event acknowledge/fail behaviour. See Expected Input Data.
  • out: When configured with path this connector will emit events on the out port.


Config OptionDescriptionPossible ValuesRequired / OptionalDefault Value
pathPath to the file to load data from. The file will be split into lines and each will form one event. Only required for the source part.file pathOnly required for the source part.
timeoutTimeout in nanoseconds to wait for circuit breaker messages after all events from the path file have been sent. After this timeout is expired the Tremor process will be stopped.positive integeroptional10_000_000_000 (10 seconds)
expect_batchedWhen set to true changes verifcation mode for testing applications involving batching. That means only not all events are required to be acknowledged, only all batches.booleanoptionalfalse


define flow cb_example
use tremor::pipelines;
use std::time::nanos;

define connector my_cb from cb
codec = "json", # Events are line delimited JSON
config = {
"path": "in.json", # File from which to replay events
"timeout": nanos::from_seconds(1)
create connector my_cb;

create pipeline passthrough from pipelines::passthrough;

# connect both the `out` and the `in` port of the connector
# via a simple passthrough pipeline.
# (The ports can also be omitted for brevity)
connect /connector/my_cb/out to /pipeline/passthrough/in;
connect /pipeline/passthrough/out to /connector/my_cb/in;

deploy flow cb_example;

Expected Data Format

This connector expects events that can trigger certain Circuit Breaker and Event acknowledgement behaviour via its in port.

The event can contain the cb specific payload in either the event metadata or the event payload.

The expected is a JSON document with a string or array beneath the key "cb".

The "cb" values can be one of the following (or multiple):

ackSend a runtime-internal message upstream in order to acknowledge the event.
failSend a runtime-internal message upstream in order to fail the event.
close / triggerClose or trigger the circuit breaker, so that all upstream connectors stop sending events until it is opened again.
open / restoreOpen or restore the circuit breaker, so that all upstream connectors start sending events again.

Only 1 value of the pairs ack - fail and open / restore and close / trigger will be considered.


{ "cb": "ack" }    // this will acknowledge the event
{ "cb": "open" } // this will open the circuit breaker
{ "cb": ["fail", "trigger"] } // this will fail the event and close the circuit breaker

Example usage

Validate dead ends are droppedAll required circuit breaker events are received and processed correctly
Validate pipeline to pipelineAll required circuit breaker events are received and processed correctly
Validate auto-acknowledged sinksAll required circuit breaker events are received and processed correctly