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Version: edge


The stdio connector integrates with standard input, output and error streams on the host operating system. These facilities are useful for integrating with UNIX pipelines or processing with command line tools such as jq during development.

The connector redirects stdin, stdout and stderr from the host operating system through the connected pipelines in tremor flow definitions accordingly


define connector console from stdio;

create connector console from console;

connect /connector/console to /pipeline/stdin;

connect /pipeline/stdout to /connector/console;

connect /pipeline/stderr to /connector/console/err;


When using the tremor command line interface stdard input and output are often connected with line delimited JSON codecs as a convenience for rapid applicaiton development.


These defaults can be overridden in most of the builtin cli tools.

Consult the builtin help via the --help or -h flags for each sub command to find out more